Amazing Cooking Techniques to Try

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People all around the world cook every day. However, if you want to make your meal unique and tasty, you must be ready to take your cooking to another level. Cooking is an art, and chefs have been improving their cooking skills and recipes over the years. Nowadays, cooks have embraced science and have integrated new techniques into their cooking. Excellent chefs are those ready to take risks and modernize their kitchens. Here are a few new techniques you have to try out.


As the name suggests, this method of cooking requires that the food be stirred as it cooks. To do so efficiently, chefs are advised to prepare and measure all the ingredients needed before the actual cooking starts. If you start cooking before you prepare ingredients, some of them will overcook. Also, ensure that all components are sliced at approximately the same size so they can all cook evenly. Ingredients that take the longest to cook are added first; then, you work your way through the other elements.


Searing could be a cooking technique or part of a bigger recipe, depending on what you are cooking. Searing refers to the browning of substances, especially meat. The meat is placed on a pan that is already heated with a small amount of fat on it. For soft meat like fish, searing both sides will make the meat thoroughly cooked. However, for tougher and thicker meat, searing is not enough for it to cook thoroughly. Usually, people sear the meat then roast it.


If you are thinking of making an excellent stew, braising is the way to go. The technique involves cooking small pieces of meat in a long and slow process. One could use an oven or just cook it over a low flame. A liquid, for example, wine or broth, is added to the food, but it must never cover the dish completely.