Long before there were root-beer floats, there was the Affogato – an Italian standard that will satisfy a sweet tooth and help keep you awake.



The word Affogato literally translates into “drowning” in Italian. The person who named it was clearly thinking about other literal names, like say for an orange or a fly, which might be the least creative titles on the planet. Anyway, the reason for calling it drowning is because all you really need to do to make one is drown some ice cream or gelato in an espresso shot and presto! Dessert. We added a bit of brandy to ours and would suggest the same. Frangelico works too. Or bourbon. You get the idea.



  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • Espresso Shot (strong coffee will suffice)
  • Brandy


  1. Fill two glasses with a couple scoops of good vanilla bean ice cream
  2. Drizzle with your booze of choice
  3. Pour espresso over the lot and sprinkle with some coffee grinds (or dust with chocolate; or don’t – it’s up to you) and serve


*Don’t pour the coffee on until just before you serve it, then eat it quick. 

*If you have one, use a skinny glass. Or a big coffee cup works too.

*Don’t put too much booze on it. The alcohol will draw out moisture from the the ice cream, which can give it that glassy texture.DSCF2893DSCF2891


  1. KylixDesigns says:

    This awesome. Going to try this tomorrow.

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