Even if you’ve never cooked fish in your life, you’ll be able to make this delicious and fresh Spanish-inspired meal.

Cod with TomatoesSimple Sautéed Cod with Fresh Tomatoes and Green Beans is as quick as it is easy. You’ll need to be careful with the hot oil though – and definitely wear pants while making it to avoid splash back… Actually, always wear pants when cooking – it’s weird otherwise. 

Serves: 2

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes


  • Cod2 thin, de-boned fillets of fresh cod or other lighter white fish
  • 10 to 12 fresh cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 bunch of green beans
  • Fresh basil
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1 small red chilli, diced (or dried chilli flakes)
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper


*Note: the above list includes green beens, but other firm green vegetables such as snap peas or asparagus will also do. Also, we served this with homemade bread to help soak up the sauce but you could use polenta if you want a completely gluten-free dish.


*Note: you should be making the beans and the fish as the same time. Heat both pans at once.

Green Beans

  1. Soak and wash the beans in cold water, then pat dry with towel
  2. Put a cast iron skillet (or non-stick pan) on burner and heat to MEDIUM-HIGH
  3. When the skillet is warmed, add the butter and let it melt, lifting and tilting the skillet to cover the entire bottom
  4. Toss in the green beans and season with salt and pepper
  5. Regularly toss it all together and keep cooking until the beans are crisp and a rich green colour (don’t cook too long or they will go mushy); this should take no more than 8 minutes
  6. Remove from heat and place beans onto plate

Sautéed Cod with Tomatoes

*Note: Remove the cod from the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking and pat it dry with paper towel

  1. Add olive oil to a pan and then put the pan on the burner on MEDIUM heat
  2. Crack some sea salt over the fish (don’t put fish in the pan yet)
  3. When the oil in the pan is sufficiently heated, carefully add the cod to it (it should crackle and spit a little, but if it seems like a lot, turn the heat down); let cook untouched for 90 secs
  4. After about 90 secs you should see the edges of the cod start to turn opaque; when this happens tilt the pan to one side so the hot oil collects in a pool
  5. Repeatedly spoon the oil over the cod until it begins to flake; this should take about 3 minutes
  6. After the fish has flaked from covering it in oil, add the fresh tomatoes and a small handful of fresh basil and let cook undisturbed for 90 seconds
  7. Turn off the heat
  8. Using a spatula, life the cod out of the pan and place it on the green beans
  9. Let the tomatoes cook in the oil for another 90 seconds (good time to pour some white wine), then stir the mixture and spoon it over top of the entire dish
  10. Serve with lemon and, if you like, some fresh bread


*Don’t salt your cod too early. It will dry it out.

*To spoon the olive oil, we just bent a soup spoon to a 90˚ angle, which worked pretty well and we recommend it.

Total Cod




  1. Graeme McNeil says:

    Looks fantatsic – except I don’t like tomatoes….
    Any alternative suggestions? Sliced peppers?

    • adriensala says:

      Hey Graeme,

      Sliced peppers would definitely work but you’d have to cook them off a little more. If you used roasted peppers, even the store bought kind, you could just about do them exactly the same as the tomatoes. Anyway, what’s your issue with tomatoes, man?!

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