Cooking To Get Laid
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Peach Cobbler In A Skillet

Killet Skillet

This is way easier than it looks…

Poached Egg with Prosciutto, Avocado and Tomato

Fresh Eggs for Breakfast

Gluten-free? Pfft…no problem!

Giveaway courtesy of Steele & Co.!

Hand Crafted

You’ll feel fresh and manly at the same damn time.

Bourbon Caramels


Sugar, cream, butter and bourbon. Uhm, yes please.

Bacon Wrapped Almonds and Dates

Yep, Bacon

Make more friends with bacon with this recipe from the Tapa Bar.

An Old Fashioned, Tequila Style

Tequila Old Fashioned

When our friends at the Tapa Bar suggested a new take on an old cocktail, we happily staggered toward the idea.

Album of Week: Chris Isaak – Baja Sessions


A perfect album for couples, singles, daters and the broken hearted. Best played later in the evening.

Valentine’s Day Advice is Mostly Crap


You might want to make plans to go out on a night that won’t be filled with amateur diners, long line-ups and strange men in tuxedos walking around with bags of roses for purchase.

Mantry – Food and Ideas Delivered to Your Door

Wooden Box

An innovative delivery service that takes the guesswork of buying new foodie things…

Afternoon Awesomeness – Not A Super Bowl Beer Commercial

Anna Kendrick - Football Commercial

The anti-commercial commercial from Newcastle Brown Ale with Anna Kendrick that proves the NFL needs to chill out with copyright stuff

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old Fashioned by Cooking To Get Laid

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that has been around for hundreds of years…

Breakfast Taquitos via I Am A Food Blog


Little tacos that will make your Saturday morning right.

Authentic Chicken Curry

Curry Chicken is Good

Authentic and rich with faraway spices…

Victory Barber: A Video About Manhood and Life


A compelling story of a father with cancer connecting with his sons as they become men.

Afternoon Awesomeness: B-Girl Terra Breaks It Wide Open

B-Girl Terra

6-year-old B-Girl Terra funking it up old-school

How To Be Better At Dating


Rule #5: Straightforwardly Asking Someone Out and Not Calling It “Hanging Out”

Spicy Mango and Ham Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese 4

A simple midnight snack doesn’t have to be boring.

Instant Ramen Recipe

Simple Ramen Dish

When L.A. chef Roy Choi needs a quick snack, this is his go-to…

Afternoon Awesomeness: Construction Crew Reacts to Miley’s Work

Construction Crew

The blue-collar crowd: smart, funny, and mostly concerned for Miley’s safety.

Fireplace Videos That Are Cool

Fireside Sexy Version

Every now and then something comes along and you think, Why didn’t I think of this?!

Album of the Week

Cooking To Get Laid - Album of the Week

Lady by Lady (Truth and Soul Records)

Straight From A Single Girl’s Brain


A lifestyle blogger waxes wise on what catches her eye (or nose) the first time she enters a guy’s home.

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies

They take only about 10 minutes to bake and will make your house smell of rich dark chocolate and sex.

Proraso Shaving Cream

Proraso Shaving Cream

Start using this.

Montaditos (Mounted On Top)


Eat these with your bare hands, you beast.

Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade Almond Milk

We’ll bet you a nickel you’ll be the first to make this for your ladyfriend…

One Wipe Charlies – Reaching Around For A Deeper Clean?

One Wipe Charlies

Adrien Sala explores the latest hygiene craze – individual butt wipes for men.

The Shaft

The Shaft

The Shaft: invented by pretty and deviant women who love to see a man get fired up and start talking all kinds of nonsense at 2am.

This Is Hot

Pocket Rocket Up Close

The Pocket Square: Fashion advice from a former supermodel.

Grilled Coconut Kale


Honestly, this might be the tastiest way to eat vegetables that ever existed.

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad is Good

If you can’t make this salad, you may be lost in the kitchen forever…

Swiss Army Blankets

Swiss Army Blanket

Get all the benefits of vintage army knives without the risk of fucking up your thumb nail trying to get the saw blade out…

Why You Should Probably Get A Record Player

Album Of The Week

It’s not all about being hip – records actually provide better sound and will make you better-looking.

Mason Jar French Press

French Press

We Love This Shit – Mason Jar French Press



The person who named this thing was clearly thinking about other literal names, like for an orange or a fly, which might be the least creative titles on the planet.

Homemade Pizza Completely From Scratch


Homemade pizza might just be a lot easier than you think…

Wine Basics

Wine Life

It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one’s present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.



Lemonade is good, like real good – and it’s perfect for a hangover if you’ve had a bit too much wine the night before.

Fig and Prosciutto Salad with Balsamic Reduction

Fig Salad

We love figs and would eat them all year long if we could. But we can’t. But we would. Stupid seasonal fruits. Get ‘em while you can.

This Is Hot

Cropped Watch

Now that practically everyone on the planet walks around with a clock in their pocket, watches have become a way to define your style.